When there are days that we have to work around the clock, there are days we might be bored to death. There are times you are so busy that you whole face is coverd with tasks and dealines, there are times you are so not busy that your whole body begins to melt away. Spare time at office seems like a paradise, but trust me too much spare time is never desired. If someone ever tastes the there-is-nothing-to-do status, that person will never think spare time at office is a paradise.

Let’s check out some possible ways to get out of “surrealistic paradise” with us!

Update expertise

There is no more suitable time than spare time to update expertise. We are normally dragged into endless spin of daily tasks, at the same time left behind by the flow of new updated knowledge. Spare time is good for refreshing yourself from long time busy work for some updating.

Learn something new

Meerly doing the same works everyday for a long time will eventually drain your motivation, your interest, your energy. Being too unoccupied is just the same bored. If you can’t change the job, can’t do something else but feel too unoccupied, then do change something in your power. Like finding something brand new. Create a refreshing wind might help you fill the gap made by the boredom, and retrieve new energy to forget the temporary boredom. Taking the initiative in this situation is more important than passively waiting new wind coming to you.

Learn foreign language

It sounds alittle weird, but learing foreign language might help new motivation comes to your rescue in the need of time. Not only this helps you accumulate knowledge, also helps you build a long-term motivation. This is also the premise for other motivation to come out, for example making new friends, looking for new lands… And you can feel assured that you can learn foreign language… for good (well I mean forever).

Think about trips

Spare time is the best chance for thinking about trips and sharing with “roomates” in company. This will break the ice and help stir up new energy for everyone. Use spare time to look for an interesting land, plan a trip to that land, and find accompanies. Perchance that trip might create greater motivation than you think.

Read books

Always bring a book alongside with you. It will play a good accompany part anytime. If it’s a special book to you, it’s even better. Being engrossed in the world of books might help you put boredom behind better than surfing web all the day.

Do you help any ideas else but these? Please feel free to apply to yourself and share with Hikari SmaSpace through comments!

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