Nikkei has commented that Vingroup is growing to become one of the largest multi-industry companies in Vietnam, despite the fact that they are still relying on their real estate business to generate the majority of revenue.

At the beginning of April, Vingroup proclaimed that they would enter pharmaceutical industry with a plant construction plan in this summer.

In March, they announced the acquisition of feed factory and establishing a university project. Their car manufacturing factory is in progress with the training of engineers, and

signing of some international agreements.

Last year, their real estate business created 70% revenue in their total revenue, but they are extending the boundaries out of this core business. With Vinfa brand, Vingroup is planning to sell Vietnamese herbal medicines and western medicines through the cooperation with European, American, Australian corporations.

Vingroup also bet on feed business through VinEco by acquiring 60% shares of Viet Thang. At the same time, they proclaimed their entering further education market by opening VinUni. In addition, Vingroup owns Vinschool – a school system from kindergarten level to secondary school level, which was established in 2013.

Vinfast project is in good progress. They have gained car manufacturing license from BMW. Vinfast’s goal is launching electric bikes around July – December of 2018.



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