Office Supplies have been increasing meanwhile new office tenants are not many. In addition, “Taste” of tenants have changed, vacancy rate is rising in all categories. Investors are all worried, trying to find methods to reduce vacancy rate.

According to CBRE’s latest research, in all occupations, employees only works 55% in office, and working at home, café shop, or taxi… in their remaining time. For most of the bosses only care about productivity while not controlling their time at office. Therefore, companies’ attention seems to focus on needs for changes, innovations in working space design. Companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo… instead of using traditional offices with boring cabins, separated seats, several companies create an open space, serving the purpose of both working indepentlty or in group with technology supports.

Beside the trend of changing, innovating office, several companies narrow using area and increase utility for staff, encouraging immobility working style in office. They also encourage using “queuing” form, first comes first serves, there is no separate working room. With this method, some companies in Japan, Hong Kong save 30% of rent, energy and technology.



What to do in font of new demand?

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